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Sep 29, 2016

Limbs 4 Life - Wear a ribbon in support of Australian Amputees

Limbs for Life is the peek charity for amputees in Australia and provides services to tens of thousands of amputees and their care givers who rely on programs and services for assistance pre and post amputation. With out Limbs 4 Life many amputees and people with congenital limb deficiences would go through the trauma of limb loss alone.

Every day in Australia there are 28 amputation surgeries performed. Research shows that there has been a 30 percent increase in diabetic related amputations in the past decade and that, on average, approximately 10,000 Australians lose a limb each year.

Regardless of the cause of amputaion, many amputees experience poor psycho-social outcomes which negatively impacts their ability to regain independance and lead fulfilling lives.  Through information, peer support delivered by trained amputee volunteers and guidance, Limbs 4 Life works to assist new amputees to regain confidence, return to work and feel socially included.

The Peer Support Program aims to:

  • Support client lead goals
  • Share current amputee specific health literacy resources
  • Promote long-term positive health based outcomes.

National Amputee Awareness Week was created by Limbs 4 Life to build community knowledge of limb loss, minimise the stigma that amputees can face, encourage good quality of life outcomes, educate the wider community of the prevalence of amputation in hope they better manage their healthcare.

Information and support is available by calling 1300 78 22 31 or going to